Umnotho is an accredited Financial Services Provider (FSP) with the FCA (Financial Council Agency). In addition, Umnotho is registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) to provide a range of financial products. Premiums and investments payments are payable directly to Umnotho account or its subsidiaries responsible for product development and promotion and no instance should cash be handed over to any individual. 1. Insurance Products Umnotho is registered to offer a wide range of insurance cover products; 1.1. Short-term insurance that include funeral, credit, assets (vehicle, equipment, machinery, etc.) are marketed under Beta Financial Services ( 1.2. Long-term insurance that include life cover and mortgage bonds are marketed under Beta Life ( 2. Credits and Investments

Umnotho is accredited with the NCR to provide developmental credit finance to SMMEs and micro-loans. In addition, Umnotho is a registered to provide ring-fenced investment products targeting members of the Beta Platform and its partners (

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