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Beta Platform membership is voluntary, open to individuals, families, groups and entities of all races but with a specific focus on people of color (blacks) in SA, African continent and the Diaspora. Beta Platform is a non-profit organization whose primary mandate is to unite, share resources, trade and invest together for the purposes of economic growth, self-sufficiency and market penetration.

Platform Chapters

Chapters are leadership structures at local and national levels that make it easy and possible to forge partnerships with public, private sector, traditional and social leaderships at grassroots. The National Chapter(s) have the authority to determine currency exchange equivalence in each country in consultation with the international chapter which is necessary to maintain standard fees that are not totally dependent on daily exchange rates.
Each chapter is led by a leader or a group of leaders who are not only members but have bought into the vision and mission of Beta Platform and are showing their conviction through tangible efforts and commitment. Not every member can lead a chapter. All material changes that need to be made in each chapter are subject to approval from the Head Office.
Beta Platform is not a one man’s show. Therefore, encourages leaders to be creative, responsible and deal honestly and with great amounts of transparency with its members. Leaders who show commitment will be supported with marketing material, branding and advertisement of upcoming events and any other necessary maneuvers necessary to drive the platform forward. Chapter leaders are supposed to inspire ordinary members so to drive initiatives that support the vision of the whole entity. Therefore, each leader who chooses to take the baton and run with it must do so to set a good example, mentor his/her members and make sure everyone who is a member at Beta Platform is evolving for a greater cause.
Chapters are not separate entities; therefore, they must not be ran as one. They are formed to support the vision and mission of Beta Platform as a whole. Everything that goes in and out of a chapter must therefore be in line with the overall mandate of the company. Every time a leader is engaged on initiatives that are of the platform, must do so with diligence and proper conduct.

Annual Subscriptions

Beta Platform membership subscription is valid for a period of 12-months from the date of registration and unless renewed, the membership is suspended.

Types of membership

1. Local membership refers exclusively to entities such as municipal, provincial, traditional, business and groups with no national or international footprint.
2. National membership refers to individuals, groups and entities with a vested interest at National levels.
3. International membership refers to individuals, entities and groups outside one’s national boundaries.

Categories of membership

There are three (3) categories of membership namely; individuals, groups and entities.

Individual Membership

This refers to people of all ages and gender and the rates are international with countries advised to adopt a realistic exchange that makes it easy for members.


Membership Breakdown

  1. Juniors We live in an error where you can get knowledge everywhere at any given point in time. Children are subjected to enormous amounts of information. With their lack of experience, they turn not to digest information with correct perspective. This leads to a great economic calamity. Since everyone is a teacher these days, children listen to everyone and everything that is being said. Having no proper role models, coaches, nor good teachers, these children turn to make decisions based on influence and pressure from external forces. Parents today are busy to be involved in anything concerning their children. Having both parents working, the only parent a child is left with is the media. Since media is not in the business of parenting but selling its content, children are left vulnerable and at harms bay. Beta Platform is aiming at bridging the gap between the child and correct information. To be accurate, financial information and personal development. Therefore, children who are members at our platform benefit from the following benefits:
    1. Get financial literacy education for juniors
    2. Get coaching on studies, career path, and university selection.
    3. Learn about investments they can make that will last for years.
    4. Coached to create financial streams, create business networks and work with others for their financial freedom.
    5. Self-development programs, aiming at creating leaders that will lead the whole world to a BetaWorld®
    6. Teach the juniors to be responsible with their money, use it on streams that can create more money, so they are independent at early stages in their lives.
    7. Inspire Juniors to create businesses around their talents and gifts so they can earn and not do things for fun but for profit motive.
    8. Encourage schools to allow Juniors to open businesses at school and create employment opportunities.
    9. Encourage Juniors to be technologically savvy and bigger thinkers and problem solvers.


South Africa and Africa as a whole does not have a challenge of young people who are uneducated, but the challenge is finding them work after they have finished studying. Student usually study for many years only to go back to the same neighbourhood they have left to mingle with other unemployed young people. The problem starts at the beginning, that is planning and having a lot of options. These students are optimistic that they will find jobs and it’s not always the case. Beta Platform is aiming to help students create solutions so they can employ themselves and others rather than them looking for employment outside themselves. This platform encourages students to take responsibility of their financial future while there are still at college. Therefore, Beta Platform provides the following for college and university students:

1. Support them in business initiatives formed while they are still at college.
2. Look for funding to sustain these initiatives.
3. Help students develop systems, branding, and marketing concerning these initiatives.

1. Stirring their minds to think income not employment.
2. Help students to know everything there is about money markets, and investments. That is- shares, forex, and others.
3. Help students to establish networks, distribution chain, and selling cycles that are profitable for their ventures.

1. Create a home (that is, CBClub®) for these students to get regular inspiration and belonging and association.
2. Help students create passive income for themselves by giving them a chance to participate in other product and services developed at the Beta Platform Group as a whole.

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