Our Packages

Beta Platform has three (3) Products, it includes Appi Travels that leading provider of the travel industry worldwide, offering a one-stop shopping source for booking hotel, vacations, flights, cars, cruise and activities. NIWI International that focuses on health and wellness and the network marketing industries.


Membership to the platform offers two entry options and opportunities into APPI travels and NIWI with bronze or gold status. The rates below are based on the beta platform marketing strategy that combines both APPI and NIWI in the joining fee. The business model encourages members to introduce only 4 people, preferably family members and friends (FF) otherwise all recruitment is through the platform group structures and presentations.


The booster is an investment package for entrepreneurs, professionals and the general public in South Africa and the rest of the world. There is a local package and an international package with the exchange rate only as the differentiator. The booster package offers four (4) different opportunities that pay out 30-days after close of initial investment date. Booster Package its divided into two (2). There is Local Package & International Package (Africa, Asia, etc.)


In-house travel agency to assist members with group bookings, events and sourcing the best discount packages In-house logistics that include warehousing and courier services for on-time delivery of products to members Highly competitive in-house financial products that include investments, credits, life, funeral, vehicle, mortgage and asset insurances Self-development courses and training programmes targeting the youth and beneficiaries for our members Events.

Our Target Market

Coordination and hosting of a broad spectrum of local and international speakers and leaders on such topics as financial literacy, black leadership development, decolonization, changing the consumerism mind-set in black communities, investing in Africa, etc.
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