Betaplatform Groups

Interest Groups and Cultural Groups

The challenge about most of groups is being organised. Most groups function without a clear structure nor sustainable systems.
This targets, cultural groups, skateboard groups, dance groups, soccer groups. Most of these groups are having common problems that are hindering them form becoming well designed profitable businesses.
They are usually formed for fun, entertainment or to feed the ego of few individuals. Without a clear vision and mission these groups do not generate enough funds to sustain their operations, they usually fall short and die a premature death.
Beta Platform helps these groups design systems, market the product to relevant market and be profitable in the long run.
By providing these groups with a database of networks within the platform, Beta Platform enables the members within these groups and the group in whole to expand and gain ground to areas they previously did not have a mark

Stokvel Steroid®

Most stockvel are not operated efficiently, and they end up defrauding the very people who formed it with integrity and hope that they will be better off. This is caused by bad intention during formation stages. If not recognised at hand this can cripple the stockvel and its members financial position, until no one benefit from it. Because there is no one to take responsibility about the affairs of the stockvel, no one accounts when calamity comes down on members. Therefore, Beta Platform helps Stockvel Groups to achieve their intended goals.

1. By helping stockvels attain necessary documentation to comply with regulatory bodies and govern the stockvel fair and honest for everyone.
2. Appointing appropriate management individuals to run the day to day stockvel operations.

1. Help stockvels create other forms of income in order to sustain the on-going activities and its overheads.
2. Help stockvels to setup systems that are conducive for them and specifically tailored for their type of business.
3. Help with payments made to members, so they are made in time, accurately and to the legit members.

1. Help stockvels create their own products, market and sell them to the network they have.
2. Help stockvels to be accessible national than local o their can have a wide membership gain.

Group C(Churches)

Most churches are not formed for profit generating purposes, yet they turn to need money like normal business entities. Churches do generate money via offerings and tithes, but the money is sterile since its not put into good use to generate more money. Therefore, members bear the burden to raise millions when they are undertaking large projects. Beta Platform is aiming the cumbersome process simply for churches.

1. By opening an equipment fund, décor fund, furniture fund and daily material for churches and manage the account close for the benefit of the church.
2. There is also the nutrition challenge that churches face, and Beta Platforms helps in planning and sustaining these needs. Beta Platform looks for avenues that can be used to generate funds for these entities.

1. Building Fund- Most churches are faced with a challenge of poor infrastructure. Beta Platform helps in growing this fun for the benefit of churches.

Event funds- Churches hold events almost every day, and these events usually look like they are accidents since there was proper planning. Beta Platform helps churches to maintain a ready event fund so the events can be done without any hinderance.

Commercial Association

This type of membership is focused on privately held entities that wish to associate themselves with Beta Platform and take advantage of the database and systems that Beta Platform has. These businesses have a strong alignment with our vision and mission and are dedicated to enhancing it by using their resources and networks to enrich Beta Platform members while they benefit from doing business with them.

1. The benefit for these entities is that they lower the cost of distribution of their products since they can exploit networks already established at Beta Platform.

1. They also gain ground to new markets that had not been previously explored, since Beta Platform is about members of different demographics.
2. Entities can partner with other entities within the Beta Platform Group to create value for both them and those entities.

1. Help small medium entities to create profitable systems and manage growth in their businesses.
2. Help small entities brand, package and distribute their products efficiently.

BetaShare® (Referral System)

Beta Platform is conducting a rigorous program to promote and create awareness of itself and associated brands, therefore it uses a referral system to its current members that reward them for sharing to other people who are not yet members at our platform. For each person a member refers to the platform they get rewarded with points that can be redeemed at our affiliates using our membership card. Most companies pay external companies for advertisement, marketing and branding. We do not want that to happen, we want people to benefit from these programs. We depend solely on word of mouth. Therefore, instead of paying people who have already funds to launch their business, we involve Done to motivate members to be loyal members of the platform.
[Terms of the Referral System]

1. Each member within Beta Platform is encouraged to share (the vision and its mission, benefits and rewards of joining the platform) with people who are not yet members of the platform.
2. For each person a member shares with and they join Beta Platform, the member is rewarded with suitable points. Depending on the type of membership the new member is signed under.

1. The reward points are then redeemed from one of our affiliates as cash, products, fuel and groceries and discounts on purchases.
2. Beta Platform the non-profit is not responsible for the payment and redemption of these points but processed by Beta Brands an entity within the Beta Platform Group.
3. You can only redeem rewards points of 4 people referred per month.

1. If it happens you have more than 4 members referred, the remainder is rolled over to the next month and if it’s the last month of the year, you get paid a bonus of your surplus members.
2. A member is placed on a waiting period of two months before he can be assigned any reward points. During this process his/her membership is processed and given a card.