Who are we?

Networks are the most powerful pillars in the whole world wide, but networks that are not based on business grounded systems are deemed to fail, and are having their fate at stake. Beta Platform is answering to that, but we sustainable systems. Systems that can push products that are South African breed, local and pushed, Beta Platform is an answer to that. We bring the South African breed products. Why?

1. We are a community of individuals that are persuaded to produce and achieve at high levels. We work together, share resources fixing our eyes to long term results than short flimsy term goal. Our goal is to see everyone being able to pursue what they were created for, without hindrance due to financial constraints and other resources.
2. When you become a member at Beta Platform, you buy into an idea that will not be stopped by what is happening, but we will stop when we achieve what we were striving for. You buy into a group of people who do not look at circumstances at face value but who will strive to understand and improve the human race.
3. We say there is no freedom without financial freedom. We say there is no fulfilment without doing the things we love, and we cannot do those things unless we afford to.

4. Since black people have been underprivileged before, Beta Platform takes responsibility on educating them about financial literacy, wealth creation, profitable investments that are suitable for this unstable information age.
5. With eyes fixed on the bigger economic picture, Beta Platform does not fish for you, but teaches you to fish for yourself so you can have enough fish for years to come. But we understand you can not be able to fish without suitable equipment such as bait. Therefore, we bring and gather people and resources who will provide that bait for you and point you to the right pond with plenty of fish.
6. Our Company is a non-profit company, therefore only driven and stirred by members who fully understand what is at stake. Members who will not hold back seed because they know harvest depends on what has been put underground.

7. Beta Platform is a catalyst that enables black people to exploit avenues that they did not have opportunities to do so in the past. And financial stability is our starting point.
8. We have no age target but targeting everyone who has a desire to develop and nurture themselves for a glorious financial free future and effective social life.
9. Therefore, Beta Platform the Non-profit organisation is a wing or a part of a whole that is focused on financial services, commination services, products, entertainment, pharmaceutical and intangible products.
10. Meaning Beta Platform is aimed to raising the necessary membership that is needed to pursue the already mentioned goals. When you become our member, you gain access to other companies and products owned and orchestrated by the Beta Platform Group.


Our platform is aimed at bringing people together from all walks of life, engage with them, task them for a high calling, share knowledge, to enable us to unlock doors that were previously locked and attain financially freedom for everyone with the platform.


To push the human race forward. Our mission is to create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and community. We strive to be among the best providers of financial services and products worldwide, delivering a diverse range of investment and financial services.


1. Financial Freedom
2. Community Enhancement
3. Sharing amongst our members
4. Invoke an extra-ordinary entrepreneurial spirit
5. Absolute Social Advancement

Financial Freedom

1. Everyone deserves to be financial free because you cannot create, build, engage let alone think while you are hungry.
2. Financial freedom gives you a chance to pursue a higher calling rather than being fixated on petty issues.
3. With great wealth you can fund your own aspirations, ideas and dreams because you can afford to do so. You have capital to fund yourself and everything you care about.

Community Enhancement

1. When people can afford, and it’s not just minorities that can afford, they take upon themselves the responsibility to develop their communities as opposed to them waiting for a saviour from the Western Nations to come and solve their internal problems for them.
2. These prosperous members make it their responsibility to develop, nurture, and enhance their lives and surroundings, therefore benefiting even those who have no power to help themselves yet.
3. Real community enhancement is a personal accelerated growth resulting from taking responsibility for one’s livelihood and development.

Sharing Amongst Our Members

1. Beta Platform aims to break barriers of entry regarding certain industries that are deemed to be a heritage of other races but blacks. By educating, training, and helping our members implement the latest economic knowledge they have, we have opened doors for unlimited possibilities that were previously closed to 80% of the population.
2. Beta Platform brings you to the realm of dreamers, hustlers, go-getters and people who not only talk about progress but create one. You get to join forces with people who are of the same mind as you, and they pick you up when you are weary of the dreary way.
3. Members at Beta Platform are encouraged to work with each other on projects, business ventures, and other social activities so to lower the cot of production, payroll overheads and achieve results that cannot be achieved individually

Invoke Extra-ordinary Entrepreneurial Spirit

Using their gifts, Beta Platform members are stimulated to have an income-based mindset as opposed to salary-based mindset therefore creating a new economic culture.
Championing an entrepreneurial based spirit, encouraging South African chain of production for the benefiting of the people in our country. Encouraging our people to use their financial resources to enhance and develop our chain of production as to circulate the money within the country as long as possible. Connecting the entrepreneurial world that I often disconnected. Simplifying the world of entrepreneurship into an easy and understandable process.

Absolute Social Advancement

Helping members to have edge to create what I going to last for generations to come.
Have a long-lasting longing for innovation, inventions, and solutions that will sustain our country for a long period of time.
Creating a new breed of people who will not stop upgrading themselves but keep moving until ground breaking developments has been made.